• Correcting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vaccine ‘facts’

    When people misrepresent facts on the record, journalists are in a tough spot — especially when that information can be harmful. Which brings me to STAT’s recent interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., conducted by Helen Branswell

  • Colleges wise to highlight meningitis B risks to students

    With classes beginning across New Jersey, several local colleges and universities, including Princeton and Rutgers, are now providing on-campus access to the meningococcal serotype B vaccine. This vaccine can prevent serious invasive disease – including blood stream infections, meningitis, and pneumonia – that result from meningococcal serotype B infection. The consequences of these illnesses are […]

  • State of the ImmUnion Report

    How strong are the country’s defenses against vaccine-preventable diseases and how well are U.S. citizens protected? Download this report from Every Child by Two that examines vaccine protection in the US.

  • The 2017 Immunization Schedule is Now Available from the AAP

    The United States’ 2017 recommended immunization schedule for children and adolescents aged 18 years or younger, is available.  Get schedules for children from birth through age 6 in English and Spanish.

  • Improving HPV Immunization Rates: Preventing HPV Cancers in NJ

    The NJAAP is joining states in AAP District 3 in a quality improvement project to increase HPV immunization rates and prevent HPV cancers in the state. Webinars and other materials are archived here for all participating chapters and practices. For more information, contact Aldina M. Hovde, MSW at ahovde@njaap.org or 609-842-0014, ext 123. EQIPP Webinar […]


   Learn about maternal vaccines.

Learn about maternal vaccines.

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