The 2019 VFC & 317 Program re-enrollment period opens Friday, January 18, 2019 and will close on Monday, March 18, 2019. Follow the link on the right to read the memo for more information. All offices are encouraged to submit their re-enrollment application early to avoid disruption in vaccine ordering. Your continued attention and collaboration is much appreciated. Thank you, New Jersey Vaccines for Children Program Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program

  • Protect Me With Three

    Protect Me With 3+ is an annual poster and video contest, and a collaboration between The Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey and the New Jersey Department of Health. We believe your health is worth a shot. Targeting youth in middle and high schools, the contest aims to raise awareness about […]

  • Past Vaccination Rates Can Predict the Future

    Why is it so challenging to increase the number of people vaccinated against a known infectious disease, such as measles? A new research study from Dartmouth College shows that past problems with vaccines can cause a phenomenon known as ‘hysteresis’. Hysteresis means creating a negative history that stiffens public resolve against vaccination, says these Dartmouth researchers. […]

  • VFC

    VFC Announcement “Taking a Shot at Vaccine Ordering”

    How Frequently May I Order? Ensuring you have enough vaccines for your eligible patient population is a priority. In this issue of the NJ VFC Program Announcement, we address your frequently asked questions and review the steps for successful vaccine ordering. Read the VFC Announcement to learn more.

  • You Call the Shots

    You Call the Shots is an interactive training course that should be viewed by everyone who administers vaccinations.  Visit this site every month to stay up to date on immunization practice.

  • Protecting Your Baby Through Vaccination

    Infants born to hepatitis B-positive women must receive the accurate doses of HBV vaccine and HBIG to ensure

  • Prevention of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in the United States: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

    The 2018 statement incorporates guidance for vaccination and testing of people at occupational risk for hepatitis B virus exposure (such as healthcare providers), including persons vaccinated as infants or adolescents who now test negative for anti-HBs.

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