Amazon Removed Anti-Vax Documentaries From Prime Video

Anti-vax documentaries have disappeared from search results on the platform, and appear to no longer be available to Prime members for free streaming.

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  • Lawmakers Move to End Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccinations

    The New Jersey Assembly passed a measure late last week removing the religious exemption as a reason parents can refrain from having their children vaccinated. While the measure was just an amendment to a larger bill on mandatory immunization (A-3818), it signaled a new position state officials may be taking in the controversial vaccination debate.  […]

  • Flu Activity Increases

    Flu activity increased over the past week, squelching hopes of an early peak and leading at least 12 states to shut down some schools. Flu activity is expected to remain elevated for weeks, with 18 states and New York City experiencing high activity last week, an increase over the previous week when only nine states […]

  • Protect Me With Three

    Needs our help in judging the 7th Annual Poster/Video contest. Interested in volunteering your artistic eye to help? Over 300 entries from students across the state have been submitted, the submissions have been pre-screened and now all that remains is selecting the the top five in each category. Judges will be responsible for reviewing and […]

  • Past Vaccination Rates Can Predict the Future

    Why is it so challenging to increase the number of people vaccinated against a known infectious disease, such as measles? A new research study from Dartmouth College shows that past problems with vaccines can cause a phenomenon known as ‘hysteresis’. Hysteresis means creating a negative history that stiffens public resolve against vaccination, says these Dartmouth researchers. […]

  • VFC

    VFC Announcement “Taking a Shot at Vaccine Ordering”

    How Frequently May I Order? Ensuring you have enough vaccines for your eligible patient population is a priority. In this issue of the NJ VFC Program Announcement, we address your frequently asked questions and review the steps for successful vaccine ordering. Read the VFC Announcement to learn more.

  • CDC Campaign

    Join in CDC’s Campaign to Fight Flu! Join the campaign by sharing messages on the importance of flu vaccination, preventive actions, and antiviral treatment. Resources, including social media and newsletter messages, and graphics are available in our digital campaign toolkit.

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