Measles wipe immune system’s memory of other illnesses, studies find

  • Close Call: US Can Still Officially Claim Measles Eliminated

    After almost 20 years, the United States can still say that measles has been eliminated here, after the New York State Department of Health declared an end to that state’s almost year-long measles outbreak, which threatened to topple that claim, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “We are very pleased […]

  • Antibody Levels Comparable in Cell-, Egg-Based Flu Vax in Kids

    A “first step” to a real vaccine efficacy study comparing flu vaccine types There was no difference in antibody response, including hemagglutination inhibition assay (HAI) and microneutralization titers, between egg-based and cell-cultured influenza vaccine in children, a researcher said here. A randomized trial found no significant differences in response to a variety of strains, including […]

  • A UN high-level event to champion children’s right to immunization

    Tackling misinformation & building trust to achieve universal health coverage UNICEF and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations are holding a high-level event to bring together decision makers, the global health community, governments, civil society actors, and the private sector, including technology companies to take action in combating misinformation on vaccination, building […]

  • Lawmakers Move to End Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccinations

    The New Jersey Assembly passed a measure late last week removing the religious exemption as a reason parents can refrain from having their children vaccinated. While the measure was just an amendment to a larger bill on mandatory immunization (A-3818), it signaled a new position state officials may be taking in the controversial vaccination debate.  […]

HPV: Cancer Prevention at its Best