• NYT Opinion

    On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a momo not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died

    On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died. Online groups that routinely traffic in anti-vaccination propaganda have become a resource for people seeking out a wide variety of medical information.

  • Shared Decision Making

    2020 Vax Schedule: Changes to HPV, Pneumococcal & Other

    Changes in recommendations for HepA, MenB, and Tdap vaccines also implemented by Molly Walker, Associate Editor, MedPage, February 04, 2020 Changes to the HPV vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine guidelines marked the release of the recommended 2020 immunization schedules for U.S. adults and children. The most notable changes include recommendations regarding catch-up HPV vaccination and shared decision-making for the 13-valent […]

  • Kids

    Israeli Study: Child vaccination cuts flu-related hospitalizations by 54%

    Fully vaccinating children reduced the risk of hospitalization for complications associated with influenza, according to a new study by Ben-Gurion University of Negev (BGU), and Clalit Research Institute in Israel and University of Michigan. The research was conducted by Dr. Hannah Segaloff, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, and Prof. […]

  • 190424160638-measles-vaccine-exlarge-169

    Millennials Most Likely to Skip Flu Shot, Believe ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Claims: Poll

    THURSDAY, Jan. 16, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Millennials are less likely to have had a flu shot this season and are more likely than other American adults to agree with some false anti-vaccination information, according to a new nationwide survey. The results also showed that nearly one-third of adults polled don’t plan to get a […]

  • Happy Baby

    Let’s not wait til a child dies. Let’s immunize our community now, N.J. public health professionals say

    When portions of a community choose not to immunize despite the availability of licensed, safe vaccines, the consequences can be horrifying, five public health officials say. During a seven-month period in 1991, Philadelphia saw 1,400 cases of measles and nine deaths among children.AP By Megan Avallone Looking back through modern history, there is no question […]

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