PCPs Continue to Struggle

As the pandemic protracts, so does the stress on clinicians. Approaching the fifth month of COVID-19-related impacts on their practice, patients, personal and financial well-being, only 13% of clinicians report adapting to a “new normal.” When asked to describe their stress and the stress on their practice, 45% noted that “my ability to bounce back […]


US Government Slow to Act as Anti-Vaxxers Spread Lies on Social Media About Coronavirus Vaccine

While anti-vaxxers flood social media with lies about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine — that it contains monkey brains, that it’s a CIA plot to take over the world — the government’s multi-billion-dollar vaccine effort has yet to come up with a public education campaign to counteract that propaganda. Read more by clicking this link.

Anti-Vaxx COVID

Youtube gives Del Bigtree the boot about 4 years too late

“Del Bigtree was a mediocrity who found he could gather a following (and make money) by joining the anti-vaccine bandwagon. He was a minor producer for the daytime TV show “The Doctors” before he quit to join Andrew Wakefield’s team creating the fake documentary “Vaxxed”. If you’ve forgotten Del (or never knew who he was), […]

Kids Plus AAV Toolkit – Shots Heard Round The World

Kids Plus AAV Toolkit A toolkit provided by Shots Heard Round The World, a grassroots nonprofit that defends social media pages against vaccine misinformation and social media reputation attacks. This specific toolkit instructs officer managers and practitioners on how to prepare, endure, and reorganize following a social media attack from an anti-vaccination movement. You can […]


No Association Between Influenza Vaccine Exposure in Utero and Adverse Childhood Health Outcomes

1. In a systematic review, in utero exposure to influenza vaccine was not associated with adverse health outcomes in children older than 6 months of age. 2. All-cause morbidity and mortality, infectious, autoimmune, atopic, and neurodevelopmental outcomes were examined in the study, which included data from over 750,000 children. Evidence Rating Level: 2 (Good) Study […]

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