2018 Adult Immunization Summit

The New Jersey Immunization Network
The 2018 Adult Immunization Summit

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Road Map for Success

Christina Tan, MD, MPH, Assistant Commissioner / State Epidemiologist

Road Map for Success Adult Immunization Presentation Part 1

Road Map for Success Adult Immunization Presentation Part 2

Relationship Centered Care
Jan KavookjianMBA, PhD, FAPhA

– Associate Professor of Health Outcomes Research & Policy, Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University

Description: Engaging adults in vaccination, both for themselves and for their children, is a critical preventive health issue facing providers in healthcare settings. This workshop will introduce a patient-centered style of conversation called Motivational Interviewing (MI) that can help strengthen patient readiness for vaccination. Participants will have an opportunity to practice open-ended questions and reflective listening, to apply an Ask-Offer-Ask model of information exchange related to vaccines, and to work with a readiness ruler to support the patient’s change talk in favor of vaccination.

Relationship Centered Care

Understanding HEDIS: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Lisa Carrubba-Blondin, MD, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Description: The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) from NCQA is a tool used by more than 90 percent of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service. Altogether, HEDIS consists of 94 measures across 7 domains of care. This workshop will explore the metrics from the perspectives of the government and commercial sides of business and how they impact providers.

HEDIS (Mason-Eastmond) V2.0 PowerPoint

Partners in Fighting Flu: A Sustainability Model for Health Promotion
J. Carlos Velazquez, MA – President, HMA Associates
Aisha Bhatti, PharmD – Director of Pharmacy, Home Towne Rx

Description: This interactive session will guide participants through insights from panelists to address sustainability of adult flu vaccination. Panelists will explore research on vaccination promotion, resource leveraging, and the development of an online toolkit to help organizations develop sustainable partnerships that increase adult flu vaccination. To enhance the capacity and sustainability of grassroots partners, researchers interviewed key influencers in Trenton, Atlanta, and Houston to better understand what works in their communities. Efforts focus on African Americans and Hispanics, who historically have lower coverage rates of influenza vaccination than the overall population.

Partners in Fighting Flu

Immunizing adults in “the 50+ Set”

Robert H. Hopkins, Jr., MD, MACP, FAAP
Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, UAMC College of Medicine

Hopkins Part 1

Hopkins Part 1a

Hopkins Part 2

Hopkins Part 3

I Raise the Rates – Capital Health

IRR – Capital

I Raise the Rates – St. Francis

IRR ST Francis

An Introduction to the New Jersey Immunization Registry for Providers of Adult Immunizations

Patricia Kaiser, Program Coordinator/Recruiter/Trainer, New Jersey Immunization Information System, Central Jersey Family Health Consortium

NJIIS (Kaiser) – Adult IZ Summit-1